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Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough – Part 1 (Menu & Chapter 1) [HD] (X360/PS3/PC)


Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days Walkthrough - Part 1 (Menu & Chapter 1) [HD] (X360/PS3/PC)


  1. Bought this game earlier today for only £2. Not too bad of a game, certainly better than the first game.

  2. I'm sorry i must have hit the wrong video, I didn't ask for the Blair Witch project without any of the supernatural shit. I asked for a video game with good third person shooting.

  3. This game is so amazing WOW when I get it I'll never stop playing it forever.

  4. Everyone's saying shit about this game but it came out a long time ago. Ofc the graphics and mechanics aren't gonna be pretty.

  5. and the main character is terrible too… old sweaty asian man ….
    this game makes me sick

  6. i have the game im playing it now its hard to play it i havew start over and over because i get put out way to many times alot off its good game ps3 i didnt start the good yet the good stuff yet im still now im in try too distroy the chopper up on the roof

  7. la punteria de las consolas no tiene comparacion a la de pc. Imposible comparar un joystick con un mouse, IMPOSIBLE!! el control que ofrece el mouse al apuntar es inmedible!!!

  8. uuuuuuh I just opened the game and…. languange is german or idk can anybody help pls?

  9. I picked up this game used for $2 lol I'm a can of kayne&lynch but the mechanics is just not the same as the first.. Oh well still enjoy seeing these two nuts back at it..

  10. hello friend I have a question how do I save games Kane & Lynch 2 for Xbox 360?

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