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10 ways to get better at Call of Duty Black ops?


No camping, 10 ways to improve my performance on ps3 and get a blackbird,chopper gunner, and dogs about once every game. What are your idea’s on improving my skills and kdr where im getting these high kilstreaks and more kills than deaths.

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  1. Ok you need to camp with claymores ghost pro and silencer but you dont want to so here is what I have to say.

    Rush: To rush you need the AK74u or another sub machine gun (assault rifle can work but not as good)

    and you need to have slieght of hand and rapid fire or silencer for more stealthy rushinng

    Stealth: This is what I do 65% of the time I play Black Ops.Get a good assuault rifle (I use AK-47, Commando, M16 or Famas most of the time). then have claymore ghost and a silencer it is like camping but after a kill or two switch to anothr postion (new camp spot).And remember ghost PRO is important and I like to use warlord for dual mags (160 rounds is better than 90 rounds)


    1. Take your time and don’t get nervous (I have been on a 7 killstreak and I really want my blackbird so I run out like a noob and die dont do that)

    2. Silencer and Ghost Pro mixed with Ninja means that you are basicly gone from the map or (Hacker: For Rushing so you don’t bump a claymore and if there are claymores around it means people camping most likely.

    3. Do not spray or go wild taking 25 bullets for 1 kill. Burt fire if you need to in 3-7 shots. Use the M16 or G11 if you have to they are strogner and more accurate than other guns.

    4. Whe you have a little streak going in a position were guys are flying grenades into your room get away from it swoopp around the back pick them of and go on your way to cover.

    5. Don’t use noob tubes this is not MW2 were noobs get nukes

    6. Practiste a lot I play a 3-6 hours a week that is enough to get the hang of COD (I play MW2 mostly)

    7. If you are struggling after a few games then change your killstreak or class up. Use Spy Planes, Coutners and stuff

    Oh Killstreak that is important

    DONT always use BLACKBIRD, CHOPPER AND DOGS use these aswell

    Spy Plane, Blackbird and Chopper


    Attack Helicopter, Blackbird and Dogs


    Spy Plane, Counter Spy Plane and Sam Turrent (To help the team)

    So if you play like I do with those tips you can have a 2.45 K/D like me.And play Domination to get heaps of kills. Capture a few flags aswell for the points

  2. I don’t know much about Black Ops as all I’ve ever done on it is local multiplayer and zombie dogs, but when I wanted to get better at Modern Warfare I played the storyline through on a level I could beat, then moved up a level, and then another until I got to elite. though I never could beat elite. It’s worth a shot, may only be AI but it does improve your skills.

  3. It takes lots of practice. First off, a lot of people just stand still and simply aim with the right stick when they find someone. Don’t do the same, instead of aiming left and right, try strafing to get the cursor on them. When under fire, don’t be scared to crouch or go prone, it can eventually save your life. Make yourself a hard target, don’t ever take an obvious path and try to avoid really high traffic areas. If you ever get shot at, ALWAYS look for the nearest type of cover (behind a pole, wall, going prone, crouching, a door, etc.) And just fire from cover. If you’re under fire and you run inside a building or passage, don’t wait for them to chase you, and simply keep on running but watch your back.let them waste their time looking for you. If you ever run into somebody in a small path, don’t always try to melee. It’s better to walk backwards and shoot at em without aiming. Also, it’s best to always stick with a teammate or two, you can have an advantage and have each other’s backs or barrage all your bullets at an enemy. Don’t try too hard to kill campers, especially if they know you’re coming for them. It also takes a LOT of practice to get better natural reactions and better aim. It also helps not to spray. Short-medium ranged weapons (such as the AK47) are only meant for smaller maps like Firing Range. It can sometimes help to use the Ghost Perk, as so many people use Spy Planes. Supressors are completely optional, but sometimes recommended (especially at short-medium ranged firing). Remember to have different classes for different tactics and try to change them at every map, so you can have a few classes for short-ranged and some for sniping matches. Learning to use tomahawks and Ballistic Knives can be a lot better than using frags and semtex sometimes, especially if you have good reactions to getting surprised by a jumping enemy.

  4. 1. Make Sure you have a good internet connection(important since they don’t have dedicated servers)

    2. Be patient and don’t rush out like a lunatic.

    3. Let the enemies come to you rather than you to them

    4. Choose your favorite weapons/and or most comfortable weapon your most confident with

    5. Hardline pro can help you on killstreaks

    6. Dual mag attachment not only provides a quicker reload but more ammo, more reason to put hardline perk better than scavenger.

    7. Practice knifing, a lot of deaths or kills come from knifing, if you can master this you can get better.

    8. Being on a party can actually benefit your game greatly than when you play by yourself online

    9. Don’t get mad because you have certain bad games, raging only makes you fail even more

    10. Practice, practice, practice, it may take time to master the online, or it may not, but if you keep at it, you will get better. i personally play both BF3 and COD, it took me about a year until i started owning players in both games so just practice.

  5. If getting dogs every game once is good, then I’m epic, and take it from me it takes no skill, the games not even balanced, and don’t say it is because I have 15 pretiges worth of evidence. The best way for you would be play against retardly * players, just play tdm straight after school all the noobs are on then.

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