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2 Playstation 3 questions?


I got a PS3 today and have 2 questions

1. I used to own a 360 and was able to play music of the HD or my iPod during gameplay, can I do this with firmware 2.20? If not when will this feature become available?

2. I managed to get a 60GB PS3 and was wondering if the backwards compatability will always be there or if it will be removed in future firmware updates

Cheers, John

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  1. 1. no theres no update yet for the in game xmb to play music or caht with friends.but its anounced already so dont worry.about the ipod.many ppl are havin problems with their ps3 detecting the ipod.some says itll freeze.

    2. offcourse dude.they wont take it back coz its a hardware 😛

  2. 1.) Most wanted update by ps3 owners called In-Game XMB which allows you to listen to music while you play your game, send messages in game, and possibly let you watch videos in game. no one knows when this feature will become available. Sony doesn’t let their consumers know crap apparently (which is the only reason i don’t like sony)

    2.) your 60 gb ps3 has something called an emotion chip which no update can remove or add the features of it. its hardware and hardware cannot always be updated to do stuff that the update was programmed to make it do. that’s just hardware.

  3. U could just turn the music volume down in the game and play your cd player etc through the same audio source.if u know how to plug a dvd player into a tv, u should be able to figure it out, its extremly easy. I could tell you, but i like people to think a little without always being told what to do and how to do it, basically you dont need any such features in the xbox or ps3 to do it :).

  4. 1. It will be added later this year.

    Probably summer or just after

    2. It will not be removed, Sony will keep adding to it.

    They cant get 40 gig to play PS2 games because they removed the PS2 emotion engine to cut costs. The emotion engine is needed to emulate PS2 games.

    The backwards compatability is down to hardware and software, the built in emotion engine without all of the PS2 drivers can emulate most games but they need extra software [which comes in the updates] to play some games.

  5. You can’t play your music during gameplay yet. It will be in a future firmware update as part of the “ingame XMB”. Although Sony have confirmed there will be an ingame XMB they haven’t said when.

    Backwards compatibility won’t be removed, but at some point Sony could stop increasing the compatibility.

  6. Um John – updates will never removed backwards compatibility its always there mate cuz its hardware.

    Unfortunately playing music while playin a game isn’t available but because it is software based you could in the future with 1 mega update.

  7. 1). Right now it’s impossible, but it’s one of the most wanted features from the next updates.

    2). Backwards compatibility is based on some hardware, don’t worry, it’s always possible to play PS2 games on PS2-compatible PS3’s.

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