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40 gb ps3?


when i buy the 40 gb instead of getting spiderman 3 on blu ray for free can i get a game for free instead?

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  1. No, cuz it’s in the box.

    If you shell out an extra $100 for the 80 GB model, you’ll get Motorstorm. And backwards compatibility.

  2. its in the box

    better off with a 360 any day. they cant even give ps3s away. when i bought my tv, they offered a package with the 40gb ps3 w/ spidey for an extra $150.00. i turned it down, and the guy at circuit city said i was the 23rd one who bought that tv today and like the rest of them turned it down cause we all had 360’s and/or wii’s. they had one person who took the package cause he wanted a blu-ray player.

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