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Absolute Supercars Review


Will this quench your race simulating thirst? It just might, find out now by watching my review of Absolute Supercars (or Supercars Challenge in EU).

Excuse the quality of my captured gameplay. Not entirely surely why the final mastered video came out this way. Watch this review in HD for a slightly improved quality.

Absolute Supercars Review

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  1. This game has better physics than GT6. and sound. Tracks are good as well.
    Only thing GT6 beats it on is graphics, but thats nothing.

  2. Great review! I found this game on a game store and I didn't know it existed. Only here I found out it was actually the same as "Supercar Challenge", which as you state, is for sale here in Europe. From these creators I own the "Ferrari Challenge Trofeo Pirelli" and since this looks very much like it, I'll probably just pass on this one.

    Congrats on the video!

  3. Thanks man! That means a lot to me, but honestly, I learned a lot from IGN. They're good people, with honest opinions!

  4. GR8 Review M8,"IGN" could learn a lot from you my friend;) been having a blast with this title,and YES,it has wheel support [@ least my 'DFGT" & "G27" work gr8] some of the cars are a bit dodgy,and will take some getting used to,but the Vast Majority of cars handle quite well actually,where this title really shines is in the racing itself,because it is VERY good! it also features some of the best tracks in racing,Including the legendary 'Spa" & "Silver Stone" a MUST own title for race fans. 

  5. was this game removed from the revamped PS Store? I can't find it, only Ferrari TRE is available on my PSN

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