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Another Xbox Live / Router question?


So im currently using a Belkin Wireless N model router (F5D8636-4). However im connected to my xbox via ethernet cable. I have no problem connecting to xbox live and games, but i have “strict” firewall settings. So i can only connect to some games, or it takes a while to join. I have tried to follow other guides on opening the correct ports. Aka 3074 TCP inbound/private port & 53/88/3330/3074 UDP inbound/private ports.

Is there anything else i can do, or what am i doing wrong? Also i’ve been to port forward but my router model isn’t there. Also UPNP is enabled.

Another thing is, im Australian, so the only games i’ve been able to join are all american, and 2-4 second delay time is quit impossible to play, with my router optimized will i be joining more local games?


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  1. My thought is that you should get a software firewall directly on the computer and just cut the one on the router completely off. I am running 4 different firewalls on my laptop. Norton,Windows,Stopsign and Defender Pro. Your Xbox doesn’t need a firewall.

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