Home Xbox Forum any website that gives away free xbox live microsoft points?

any website that gives away free xbox live microsoft points?


i cant afford any games and any microsoft points.are there any websites or downloads that have free microsoft points or something? please leave gud feedback.

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  1. Hi there are many websites who claim to give away free points but most of them are scam and very few of them really pay you what they promise , i have been scammed many times by such websites , the website which really given me free live points is [url is not allowed] i am using them since 3 months and their support is also great!!

  2. Check out my video please, this will answer your question. I used this method and got a month of xbox live. You can also get ms points to. Please check it out and recommend it to friends.

    [url is not allowed]

  3. it’s new,microsoft gives ms points when you add a new 12 months card or with surveys.it’s the only way to get ms points for free

  4. NO website gives away free xbox live points, or gold memberships. I repeat, there is NO method, procedure or website that provides “free” stuff. You gotta buy it mate!

  5. Ask for them or free money as gifts for your birthday, Christmas, or some other gift giving reason. You can also use Microsoft hosted programs like Bing Rewards and Xbox Live Rewards. None of these ways involve tricking people into using referral links or other scams like that.

  6. there sorta is, but it takes too much of your time away, so I quit before I ever got enough points for one

    if you want to check it out, go to gifts4points.com

    there’s even a chat window on the side of the screen, so if you want to ask questions, they’ll answer you.well at least 1 person will (beezy102), may take them a minute sometimes

    this site requires you to make a few different email addresses so your main one doesn’t get spammed or so different surveys let you take it (some are actually under the same site)

    it takes 5200 points to get a 4000 microsoft point card

    some surveys get you a few cents worth instead of points, so what they did is for each dollar you get on their site, you can convert that to 100 points

    other than this site, there’s none I’m aware of that is actually free

    if you use this.I hope it doesn’t make you go crazy

  7. You can get xbox live microsoft points for free just by searching the Internet. You get points for searching and once you have enough points, you can redeem them for all sorts of gift cards. I’ve gotten $105 in Amazon gift cards with no problem! Use this link to get 30 points automatically!

    [url is not allowed]

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