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aquos television connecting playstation?


Iv’e connected my ps2 to the tv. but it doesnt come up? i have the yellow white and red wires connected to the television and the other wire plugged in so it should work.


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  1. Hi ok I’ll do my best & I’ll will educate you on electronics. If you have regular TV, please just say “StanDard TeleVision or SDTV”. Now if you got a “Hi-Defintion Television, say HDTV. I’m not saying your naive & sometimes many people they get confuse about electronics. Now back your question, ok you got (Sharp Aqous),PS2, & the red,white & yellow cable cord. The red,white & yellow cable cord there called (Composite cable). Anyway, if you got a SDTV & Composite, hook the Composite cable in the back of your PS2 & the back of your (SDTV Aqous) ON the yellow,white, & red port. On your remote you should find a botton that says (TV/Video) & keep pressing it until you find the picture. If you own a (Sharp Aquos HDTV), use the Composite & hook the Composite on the back of your PS2 & the back of your HDTV ON the red,yellow, & white port. Use your controller & check & go to AV1,AV2 or AV3 channel. Good luck & you send me a message if you still need help.

    -I own a HDTV,PS3,PS2,Wii & 360 & 12 yrs of gamer veteran.

  2. On the remote, press the input button. On the screen, a blue menu screen will drop down. It will say TV, input 1, input 2, etc. You can only choose the ones that are white, so choose 1 and wait until you see something on the screen. In most cases, composite input is Input 1. I think mine is input 1, but I don’t use composite cables.

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