Home Playstation Forum Are Ps3 not getting next CoD?

Are Ps3 not getting next CoD?


Its a rumour ive heard? anyone know anything about this?

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  1. Mercedes’ information appears outdated. (sorry!)

    Sony has slashed its price about three months ago and the sales numbers don’t lie: In September and October 2009, there were more PS3 sold than Wii and Nintendo even declared serious declines in their expected profits for the quarter. More than that: Nintendo slashed the price of the Wii in a panic response to this massive offensive move by Sony but it was most likely too little too late: The Wii has lost a lot of credibility, gamers are getting more mature and got tired of the childish games and (at best) vague controls of the Wii. They demand more of their console like a browser, blue-ray support and full multimedia support. In other words, the novelty is quickly wearing off for the Wii. This recent boom in Sony consoles finding new homes creates a strong demand for new games and the sales of uncharted2 and MW2 for the PS3 will provide strong motivation for developpers.

    Don’t believe the hype and the lies!

  2. Unless Activision wants to get their investors mad at them, it’s coming to the PlayStation 3, it’s simply to big of a market to ignore since not releasing it for the PlayStation 3 would cut majorly into profits and investors don’t like that obviously.

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