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Are The Turtle Beach X32s Any Good?


i bought wireless Afterglows today and unfortunately i have to take them back because they are really uncomfortable and hurt my head/ears.Also i cant really hear myself talking or i cant hear anyone outside talking to me when im wearing those.The X32s cost the same amount and im wondering if the sound quality if good aswell as the mic, and if they are comfortable and not like the Afterglows.I had P11’s and those broke but they were very comfortable.Are the X32s like the P11s in comfortability?Are the X32s a good wireless headset?The batteries will not be a problem for me as i can just recharge them.

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  1. The X32 headset is quite comfortable. It fits on head very well, and the padded top does not “dig in” to your head like most headsets do. The ear cups also are comfortable around ears.

    Bass/Treble/Mids will be very clear and loud. Bass sounds really good and deep to be coming from such small speakers. The boom mic is very clear and folds out of the way when not in use. Setup: pretty easy. you can use the included splitters for audio, and plugged the transmitter into the xbox USB port.

    Here is a very good actual user comment on the headset, talking about all its cons and pros in detail and it will help you decide yourself:

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  2. No. turtle beach is overrated. I would go with Tritton Primer instead of x32.

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    It has better audio and microphone quality and it is cheaper. Save your money and go with tritton. It also has better rating.

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