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Are these Xbox 360 hard drives fake?


I recently got a 4gb slim Xbox 360 console and I need a hard drive. I looked on ebay and found a bunch of hard drives that cost less than half of what Microsoft would want. these are from Hong Kong, and they look official but I have my doubts. Does anyone have any experiance with this? Should I buy or get an old 60gb and stick that in there, also does this method damage the console?

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  1. Yes they’re fake and the seller is obligated to mention that they are rigged drives and not official ones. They should still work, though of course you do run the risk of corrupting your data and any malfunction caused by it will not be covered under your 360’s warranty.

  2. YES THEY ARE FAKE, Hong Kong bootlegs anything and everything. You also can’t use the HDDs for the old models of Xbox360 unless you follow some instructions online as to how to remove the hard drive from the case and install it in a compatible slim enclosure.

  3. como estoy apasionada del mundo de los ordenadores me gusta hacer mi propia configuración de ordenador, como todos las otras componentes los he comprado de sitios web y han sido excelentes, el hard disk también lo compre aquí, el hard disk es exactamente como esperaba, muy buena compra.

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