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backing up ps3 system?


if i back up my system on a usb drive will the call of duty map packs back up on there too? cuz they dont show on the main screen under the games section. and i dont kno if they are stored on the hdd drive.

and can i switch my hdd drive that has stuff on it to one that is empty? and still have the map packs on my hdd drive that i took out.

cuz my ps3 is broken (again) and i dont want to re download all the stuff i have

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  1. Everything that you have downloaded that costs money, you can redownload up to 5 times without it costing you anything.

  2. Ryan is wrong. You are not limited to the amount of times you can download PSN content. You can download the map pack as many times as you want. You never, ever pay for the same thing twice. You are limited to the number of machines that can use your map pack, which is 5. You don’t need to back up your map packs. Just redownload it.

    You would have to use the backup utility as that’s the only way your map packs will be backed up, but you cannot restore the backup data if Sony sends you a different PS3. Backup data will only work on the PS3 it came from. So you may need to redownload it anyway.

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