Home Xbox Forum can anyone help me with XBOX 360 Live?

can anyone help me with XBOX 360 Live?


I receantly bought my xbox 360. But I want to play LIVE. and I dont know how to set it up.

I know I have to buy like a membership? I think? Can anyone help me. like the steps that I should do to set it up. Everything i have to do pleaseeee. And I do have a router is kinda close to my xbox360 so idk if that helps too but please answer this if you know. Thank you!

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  1. To setup your account connect to Xbox Live by running an ethernet cable from the back of the console to your nearby router. And the ethernet cable should have come with your 360.

    Once you finally setup your Xbox Live account, you automatically receive one month free trial of Gold, after this expires you’ll have to pay for your membership.

  2. Hmm, okay, Well when you first get your Xbox, it will come with an Ethernet cable ( gray cable ) well what you want to do.is plug that cable into the ethernet port on your xbox 360. Next thing you do is plug the other end into your router.

    Once that’s done, Microsoft came out with an update for the xbox 360, so it will look totally different 😛 it’s pretty neat, so then it will update.after it is all updated and everything, you will have to customize your avatar, once you do that.and your in the very menu of the xbox, you must sign out of Everyone, click the middle button on the controller, and a little window will pop up. After that window is up.you slide over to the left side of the dash.and it will say something like “Recover your gamertag” or Sign up for Xbox live.anything like that.once you get to the Sing up for Xbox Live page, you will click the Create and Xbox Live account. After that click the Silver account.now a silver account allows you to only talk to friends on Xbox live, but dont’ worry, click that. After you click that it will Automatically give you 1 month of Xbox Live Gold. With Gold you can play online. Now that’s it!

    Have fun on Xbox Live! xD

    Also, be aware that you can do that exact same process, 3 times.so you can have up to 3 xbox live gold accounts.only if you just bout your xbox brand new.if you want.later you can upgrade to a gold for a year.for $50 dollars
    Good luck, have fun

    Gamertage: Executabl3126

  3. Ok. First you have to go to Circuit City or Best Buy. They sell year gold memberships for 60 dollars. then you must have an internet connection have a gamertag and your good to go

  4. Ok so:

    1) The Xbox came with an Ethernet cord. should look like this: [url is not allowed]

    2) Take that cord and plug one end into the xbox (located at the back) and one end, to your router.

    3)Turn your xbox on and you will be confronted with an update. Click Yes.

    4) After the update is installed, use common sense and setup an account.

    You do receive one month free after you setup your LIVE account. You can also buy a membership using a credit card.

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