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can i buy a ntsc ps3 game from america for my uk pal ps3 40gb?



  1. The above poster is pretty much spot on – but the PS3 actually has a built in tuner to convert the 480i and 480p signals from NTSC to PAL and from PAL to NTSC.

    You are good to go — there will be no issues.

  2. Yes – maybe. This depends on whether you are using a standard TV display, or high definition. The game discs are region-free, so you can play them on any ps3. But American game discs will output in NTSC, and won’t fly on a UK SDTV unless you have some external way of converting the signal.

    If you’re using HDTV, though, you’ll be fine. HD 720 and 1080 are univeral formats worldwide, only 480 is split up into NTSC and PAL.

    It just could somehow be that sony may have added support for displaying 480 in PAL or NTSC as needed, but I doubt it. The game disc itself needs to support the display format for it to work, regardless of what the ps3 itself is doing. Games sold for an NTSC region have no reason to support PAL output. But again, if you’ve got HD, it’s a moot issue. If you don’t have HD yet, it’s one more good reason to get it. It really is great.

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