Home Xbox Forum can i get banned for playing a modded map zombies BO?

can i get banned for playing a modded map zombies BO?


im playing a modded map on zombies with modded weapons. the kino map. i didnt mod it someone else did. can i or him get banned from xbox live?

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  1. Ha! Hell ya u can! Hahaha! Since black ops is so new, theyre hardcore on the look out for modders. And I kno for a fact they’re gunna reset the scores on some of the maps soon cuz of Modding and I’m almost positive that u n ur friend are gunna b SCREWED if u try n play that online. I can’t lie, I hope u guys get banned cuz that’s one less complaint I have to file 🙂

  2. My friend does it all the time. That doesn’t make him right, he sends me messages saying “ooh modded zombies lololol” and i send him hate messages praying he gets banned. I bought black ops so i could get away from CoD hackers because Treyarch promised a live team to bad all the hackers.

    so if you don’t get banned, good for you :).

    If you do. It’s not just bad luck, It’s treyarch taking care of a promise to it’s fans :).

    If you think modded zombies are worth abusing untill it’s upcoming patch. go for it.

  3. Yeah most probably dude, you’ll want to stick to offline play only. You can run the risk of going online, but it could be consequenseful (< - or however you spell that lol) if you get caught. Peace : )

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