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Can I make my ps3 play ps2 games?


I got the 120GB ps3 system and I can’t play ps2 games. I downloaded a system update which said it would make ps2 games work on my ps3 but it didn’t work. I can play ps1 games on it but not ps2. Is it possible I did something wrong or is there no way to play ps2 games. If so why would they make the download? I don’t have a ps2 anymore so I thought the ps3 would give me a way.

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  1. well the 120GB PS3 is not backwards compatible meaning it will not play PS2 games and that download was only to support some games that required HDD from the PS2

  2. No, there is no way to make it play PS2 games.

    All PS3’s play PS1 games.

    If you downloaded that software from PSN, then that software on PSN is not an emulator, it will not make a non-backwards compatible PS3 play PS2 games, it was made to be used with already backwards compatible PS3’s, it is to allow them to play a particular PS2 game that had originaly required HDD access on the PS2, it will have absolutly no effect on a 120GB PS3.

    If you downloaded it from some dodgy internet site, then it is fake, and you are lucky you did not damage your PS3:)

  3. No, unless you have an original 60gb system then there’s no software emulation or hardware emulation for ps2 games, some play ps1 games but if it doesnt play ps2 games now, dont expect it to ever

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