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Can someone explain what is folding home for the PS3 in terms a 5th grader will understand?


Just got a PS3 and I see this folding home and went to it I understand so far that it protein folding but how is the PS3 involved

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  1. PS3 owners are able to contribute to the project by merely “contributing electricity,” leaving their PlayStation 3 consoles running the client(Folding@home) while not playing games.

    They use your system to do research for cancer, Alzheimer’s, etc. while you aren’t playing.

  2. basicly it is a program that alows a colage to youse your ps3 to save peoples lives it doesent use any space but you cant do anything whlye its running

  3. Each PS3 (or other computer) that is running the client will download a small packet of data for analysis. Once finished, the results are uploaded, and another packet is downloaded.

    This is an example of a highly parallelize problem.

    Other examples include finding extremely large prime numbers, or searching for signals from alien civilizations (Seti@Home – the precursor for Folding@Home.)

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