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Can someone help with NAT problems?


First off, i’m not technologically inclined so be precise, but use idiot lingo.

Okay, I have a Comcast modem, a linksys befsr41 wired router, a Vonage box, my PC, and my PS3 hooked together. Everything works except my NAT on my PS3 is a “type 3” This limits my online capabilities. And my UPnP is not available, not sure if that matters, because my friend’s UPnP is not available either, but his NAT is type 2.

Does anyone know what I can do?

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  1. [url is not allowed].

    Login to your router.

    Go to WAN Settings

    Change NAT Type to open (2), default is secured (3)


    Login to your router.

    Go to WAN Settings

    Under ‘Deafult DMZ Server’ – enter your PS3’s IP address

    Should also be an option to enable UPnP in your router menu

  2. to login to your router, you simply type your ip address in the URL (instead of putting in.yahoo.com.you put in your ip address) which can be obtained by clicking on “start” then you will see “run” click on run and type in ipconfig.that is how you login to your router.now you should be able to use the other answers to go from there.hope i helped

  3. you have to forward ports

    and make sure ps3 has static ip adress there is a guide here>>>>>>>>>[url is not allowed].

    it worked for me.now i get no probs 🙂

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