Home Playstation Forum Can u play ps2 games on a 40gb ps3?

Can u play ps2 games on a 40gb ps3?


I heard that if u download some software u can play ps2 games on ur ps3 40 gb

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  1. nope.

    the 80g has software that can be updated.

    the 60g and 20g have a chip that allows for full PS2 play.

    the 40g model doesn’t have squat. just PS1 play.

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  2. If you purchase a 40GB PS3 you will not have backward compatibility.

    You have to go with the 80GB for software support or find a 60GB with full hardware support.

  3. the truth is some ps2 games do work on ps3 40gb trust me not alot though and also only 2 usb pots just for charging

    again just for charching you could still play up 2 7 players man

    it really doesnt matter what ps3 you get there all the same wit graphics u know wat im saying

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