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Can u record video on an xbox 360 with a normal dvd player?



  1. A DVD _player_ can only play DVDs – not record them.

    If you have a standalone DVD _recorder_ then yes, you can record your gameplay:

    1: Connect the 360 to one of the INPUTS on the DVD recorder. Most DVD recorders can only use composite video or s-video, so you will not be able to record in HD.

    2: Insert a blank DVD into the DVD recorder.

    3: Set your TV so the DVD recorder’s screen is displayed.

    4: Set the input on the DVD recorder to the input where the 360 is connected. For example on my DVD recorder this would be IN1 or IN2. You should now see the 360 displayed on the TV.

    5: When you’re ready to start recording, hit the record button on the DVD recorder and play your game as normal. When you’re finished, hit stop on the DVD recorder.


    Experiment a bit with the quality setting on the DVD Recorder. Higher quality will give you a better picture (to a point) but also mean you won’t be able to record as long.

    You can hit the pause button on the DVD recorder, do some stuff, then hit pause again to continue recording. This can be useful if you want to skip loading screens or other areas of the game you don’t care about recording.

  2. I have tried the same, but unfortunately mine was ineffective. However my dvd recorder was also pretty old(3 years). I think you can with newer ones, but the cheapest more effective way is to use a capture card. I got one for £19.99, which is around about $29.99. I know you probably know about them but just in case.

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