Home Playstation Forum can u use ps3 controllers to play ps2 games?

can u use ps3 controllers to play ps2 games?


can i use 4 ps3 controllers to play a 4 player ps2 game

like playing a ps2 game on a ps3 with 4 ps3 controllers

like 007

def jam ny

smackdown hctp

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  1. my hubby plays ps2 games on his ps3 all the time with the ps3 controllers just fine. They are meant to work that way. The only thing that doesn’t work on the ps3 is like dance revolution or something like that because there is no place to plug in the game pad thing.

  2. If your playing the game on the ps3 then yes ps3 controllers will be backward compatible for ps2 games. But in order to use a ps2 paddle on the ps3 you will need a converter. But if you have ps3 paddles then your fine. The ps3 will support up to 7 players wirelessly on the ps3 or 2-4 though usb depending on that system version you have.

    And I do not think ps3 paddles work on a ps2.

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