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Can you download games to an xbox?


I have call of duty black ops but its scratched but the disc still reads. I was wondering if you can download a copy to a usb then add it to your hard drive and play it?

This is in my opinion legal i have a legit version of the game so im not stealing.

Also where can i download the game online for xbox 360?

Dont say “just clean the disk at blockbuster or something.” I have searched every store within 20km of my home and none of them clean disks if you know a place in Toronto Canada then please leave it below. Also most block busters are closed or dont clean.

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  1. Not legally and it’s not legal as you own that copy of the game not the one you plan on downloading. A 360 has to have a special mod to do that. If the disc does play enough, you can rent or borrow a copy and install that to the hard drive. As long as your copy can be read enough at the beginning to verify it, it will then play from the installed copy.

  2. you don’t have to download a copy,anyway if you do it you can’t play because it’s illegal.install the game to your hard drive,and when the installation is finished,you only need to insert the game and the dvd drive don’t run the game when you play.

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