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Can you help me pick out a ps3 console Please!?


Hi, so I saved up my money and am going to buy my older brother a PS3 for his birthday. & idk what kind to buy now that I’ve saved my money up. Idk what the difference is between the 120g or 80g or whatever I know one has more space but is it more efficient or go faster or something? and I was looking @ the ones on Gamestop.com & they said refurbished is cheaper? what is refurbished exactly. & do you know if the return policy on those are different? because I know my brother has a xbox360 and he didnt get it refurbished and when it got messed up he just sent it to microsoft to fix. If the refubished one isn’t like that I don’t think I should get it =/ btw I’m a 16 year old girl so I don’t know much about this stuff. Thanks =]

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  1. I would stay away from refurbished anything.Refurbished means it was returned for some reason.

    I would buy the 120 gig one.its brand new and comes with a relatively decent size hard drive. Plus down the road if he decides he wants a larger hard drive.he can easily swap it out for a different size one by just watching an instructional video on youtube

  2. I would suggest an xbox 360 alot better games and graphics 400 dollars for console 2 controlers 1 mic 2-3 games and 80g hard drive

    But if u get a ps3 go with the 120g it doesnt make it faster but eventally he’ll need it

  3. 1) The primary difference between the 80GB and 120GB are the amount of saved data you can have. I used to work at a video game company and played A LOT of games and I never used up all the space on my 80GB hard drive. I’d get the smaller one personally.

    2) Refurbished or Previously Played are cheaper and sometimes a much better deal, BUT they carry a different warranty. If Gamestop does warranty them for the same period, then refurbished is better. Personally here, I would get the new one. Since it is warrantied directly from SONY there is less to deal with in returning it.

    3) Return Policy: Most likely the return policy is different on the refurbished one since it doesn’t carry a manufacturers warranty. Ask the store clerk and he should be able to tell you.

    Note: On Amazon ( [url is not allowed] ) the current options are only 120GB and 250GB; If you buy a new one, make sure it is one of these, otherwise, you’re getting an older unit.

    Hope this helps!

  4. get the 80g. I have the 60g. I still have 40 GB of space. I have a 500gb external hd. You can format an external using your computer. I have music and a ton of movies on it. I would get the 80 and have another family member get him an external HD format it and its good. You can put saved data on it. When you need the data for a game you want to play from back in the day just transfer it back. Also if you get a refurbished PS3 from most stores you can buy a warranty. The warranty on a new one is only a year anyway. If you buy a used one just ask if you can buy a warranty.

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