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Can you put a 120 GB hard drive on a xbox 360 pro system?


I was trying to buy a xbox 360 and I dont think a 20 GB hard drive will be sufficient

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  1. of course you can if you have a big enough hammer!

    lol just kidding.

    I know one person who tried fooling with a 360 and he screwed it up to the point where half the games wouldn’t work on it. It’s hard to fix complex items like that. (and he’s a computer programmer and he screwed up!)

    (Seriously, don’t try the hammer trick!)


    Basically the units may not be comatible- the plugs might not match, the recording protocol might not match- but if you find the right computer geek he/she might be able to check it out.

  2. yes you can do it i use to have a 20 GB Hard drive but it wasn enought so i just got a 120 GB and my console is a pro console. I had to transfer all my information from one hard drive to the other one. But if don’t have any info on your xbox you don’t need to do that you just take out the hard drive and put the other one. The software to transfer the info comes with the new hard drive and you need to do it in a computer.

  3. 20 Gb Hard Drive is sufficient if you do like you probably do with your computer on daily basis : Remove old files.

    I deleted for example old saved games, games demos or videos.

    I still have 10/12 Go all the time like that.

  4. Yes, but it has to be a special 360 hard drive (ordinary hard drives won’t work).

    Just get the Elite.

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