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Can you use an external Hard drive for storage on a Playstation 3?


I know you can buy a laptop hard drive to upgrade the hard drive that originally comes with the PS3 but can you use an external drive for storage as well?

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  1. You can, but I would recommend updating the internal HDD. An external drive could be used to store movies, songs, pictures etc, but the PS3 would not access it like it does the internal one for installing games, demos, etc as it is over USB

  2. Depends I know you can use one but for some reason it won’t read mine. SO i think it depends on the make of the hard drive.

  3. You can, but in order for it to work, the hard drive has to be formatted in FAT32. Most on the market are defaulted as NTFS which is the newer standard. You can hook up your external HD to your pc and reformat it to FAT32.either the whole thing or just a partition. If you don’t know what you are doing, get someone to help you. Externals aren’t cheap so good luck.

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