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Can’t Record Xbox 360! Need Help!?


Well I wanna record my xbox 360 gameplay. but I dont got the capture card thing;( and I don’t have the cabel things;( so I just wanna record a free way is it any way to do it?I really need help! (is it any way to record live stream on xbox 360? then I can liv stream and just capture it and upload to youtube) Please HELP!

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  1. Hi

    My name is Nathan and I am from the Ambassador Program.

    If you are playing the new Call of deuty, you will be able to live stream it onto You Tube.

    I am also appart of the msdn development program (Develope Apps and GAmes for PC and Xbox Live). Other people have said that they would like an App that can record your screen on Xbox Live.

    This is why I am currently working on this App but unfortunatly it will not be available until late September 2013, This is because it will have to go through beta testing and everything else. But I will also be asking what others think about this before I begin working on this.

    Some other games also do Live streeming so you would need to check it out. 🙂

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