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Can’t update my ps3 to play ps2 games.I downloaded the latest update from playstation.com?


And made a folder name UPDATE and PS3 and put them on a memory stick and also a usb pen.But when i put them in the ps3 and go on system update it says nothing is on the media,what could the problem be.I don’t have the ps3 connected to the internet yet has i don’t yet have a wireles router.I just have a modem from Talk talk connected to the pc downstairs.Is there a way i can connect the ps3 to the ethernet socket on the talk talk modem and update it that way.

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  1. I can help you with usb pen or the memory stick.

    Update data download procedure

    1. Create a folder on the storage media in which to save the update data.

    Using a PC, create a folder named “PS3” on the storage media or USB device. Within the PS3 folder, create a folder named “UPDATE”.

    Save as file name “PS3UPDAT.PUP”.

    then go to Network Update and then hit via storage media.

  2. To answer your question YES you can take your ps3 downstairs and plug it directly into your ethernet cable, you can use a portable tv if need be to view the screen. There was/is an issue of playing ps2 games on the ps3 using the HDMI cable. For some reason it doesn’t/didn’t work on 1080p tv’s. I have the JVC 56″ 1080P. I bought the Component (Y,Pr,Pb) cables on ebay for around $20.00 and was able to play the ps2 games in 480p, 720i, 720p, and1080i (my tv only supports 1080p via HDMI) The ps2 upgrade available on the playstation store is only to allow you to save ps2 games that need actual harddrive space. NOW last week I bought a new HDMI cable from monoprice on ebay.it listed it as especially for the ps3 for around $10.00 – it had gold plated tips. I upgraded to the newest firmware via internet 1.80 and plugged in my new cable. I was able to play PS2 games with the HDMI in full 1080p for the first time since I bought my ps3 in January. YEAH. I don’t know if it was the new cable or the upgrade to 1.80 but I’m happy either way. DO NOT waste your money on MONSTER CABLES. You can get good cables for alot less that perform just as well.

  3. If your PS 3 hooks up to the internet set up your online network.once thats squared away go to PS store on your PS 3 menu.Click on the free demos and dowmloads and find the one with PS 2 icon that says soemthing brielfy about “allows you to play PS 2 games on PS 3” This is like a patch that fixes some issues that kept PS 2 games from working properly.Its a free download.You shouldn’t even have to be going to sony site and doing all that,if you get online with your PS 3 just go to the PS store and download that free PS 2 thing under demos and downloads.

    .Once thats done you should go to system update in your PS 3 menu (all the way to the left in the menus list) and download the 1.8 update which upscales your PS 2 game quality as well as the quality of DVDs you watch on the console. (This is provided you are using HD TV with HDMI otherwise you probably won’t see any upscaling effects).

    Send back a comment and let me know how that works. (Note to that if you have HD TV and HDMI and get that 1.8 update you have to go back in system settings and put your upscaler options on full screen.Its like * backwards and if you leave it on normal your ps 2 games all play only in full screen and leave big black bars on the left and right but if you switch up scaler from normal to full screen it then will play in a wider screen and only leave small black bars on the left and right.Confusing I know but I have a wide screen LCD TV and have to have it on full screen upscaler to get the fullest picture that uses most of the screen).

  4. Cant see why you need to update i bought a ps3 and it plays ps2 and ps1 games fine i didn’t have to update the system it just played them i bought mine from Argos when they first came out now i have got every system that as ever been made going right back to the early 80;s Commadore 64.

  5. the easiest way is.put in ur memory card in the ps3’s card slot, format that card by goin in settings>systems settings>format utility> format memory card, that will create the folders on ur memory card and one of the folders will be called ‘PS3’ and inside that folder u will find the empty update folder were u paste the update data from ur pc.

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