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capture xbox 360 with laptop?


i want to capture my xbox gameplay but i dont know how so could i just hook my hdmi cords right into my xbox and my laptop or what thanks

also if i have to buy a comptent attachment or something i dont want to spend alot of money
dont care about qualtiy

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  1. Get an HDPVR if you want high-def recording.

    All the information you need is here [url is not allowed]

  2. i agree with the first awnser usa a capture card i have the [url is not allowed] hidef capture card and have a montage on utube for gears or war 2 when gears 3 comes out ill be doing it again. cheak out the montage.utube.22gearsorwar22. it cheak out the montage. You nead one of them. Thats the only way to record ur game play CAPTURE CARD hi or low def your choice. low def is cheaper but hi def s much clearer. your choice.

  3. you will get 480p or so with a hd pvr. depending on which one you get. if you dont want to spend allot of money and you dont have a very powerful computer to handle a hd pvr that requires a computer connection. because you are going to need a hd pvr or capture card – then consider looking up this video on youtube – Tristar MX “HD” PVR – unboxing

    the video shows you everything that will come inside a hd pvr box. this is what you will need to start recording. nothing else – because all the cables and stuff are in the box with a remote control. you can see it in the video.

    anyways also read this article about how it works

    [url is not allowed]

    you can apply this information to anything you want to record from – old vcr, dvr, pvr, video camera, cell phone, or whatever. hope it helps you out.

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