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COD 4 zombies maps For xbox?


Is there a way to get the 4 zombies maps on black ops without prestige or hardened edition. For xbox or ps3 either for free

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  1. Do you have xbox live? and theres a way to get 2more maps if your not online/on xbox live.

    On the main menu where it says campaign, Multiplayer, zombies and options. press LT – RT – LT or RT – LT – RT. and the person in the chair should stand up. Walk behind the chair near computer and press x and you should be on the computer. Then go in cheats or whatever it has. Type in (3arc unlock) or (unlock 3arc) and it should enable the maps ‘dead ops’ and ‘five’ then you go play zombies they should be there. Hope this helps.

  2. Since the other person didn’t answer your question at ALL, I’ll tell you the right stuff

    At the moment, without a Prestige or Hardened edition of the game, it is impossible to obtain the old W@W maps. Now there’s a HUGE possibility that, somewhere down the line, Treyarc will release these 4 maps as a huge pack that you can download from PSN or Xbox Live. Unfortunately, at least for the time being, we have no idea of when that will be.

    I can almost guarantee that they wont be free, either. It would be amazing for them to reward those who bought W@W by giving us all those maps for free, but let’s be honest there’s no way that’s going to happen. It will probably be a 1200 or 2000 xbox-point pack release. So just wait it out, it’s coming eventually.

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