Home Playstation Forum condeamed 2 bloodshoot on ps3?

condeamed 2 bloodshoot on ps3?


please help.i am stuck on section 11 the peninsula.i have got all the way to the end and cant kill the oro sonics.?
Opp’s i mean condemned 2!

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  1. First Person Shooter mode

    Successfully complete the game to unlock First Person Shooter mode. In this mode, you get infinite weapon ammunition. Additionally, you will be given a firearm when you start most levels.

    Bonus items

    Successfully complete the indicated mission to unlock the corresponding item:

    Mission 1: Silver brass knuckles

    Mission 2: Silver bullet proof vest

    Mission 3: Gold taser 5 shots

    Mission 4: Holster

    Mission 5: Rubber soles

  2. you need to use your voice to blow ther high pitch sound fingy of der head den just beat em up ive jst completed it n i found it realy hard

  3. Here’s an official guide from IGN, click on the link below,

    [url is not allowed].

    I hope it helps. Now beat the game, would ya, hahaha

    PS3 ID: CRASH_911, add me

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