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Connect Windows Media Center to Xbox 360 using a laptop as my wireless adapter?


I’m now using my laptop as a wireless adapter. kinda cheap so I can’t waste on a wireless adapter. now I want to connect my Xbox to my other PC that’s a Windows XP Media Center Edition but I can’t because apparently it says my Xbox isn’t in my network is there like a way to make my Xbox be on my network even though my laptop is my wireless adapter?

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  1. yes,

    all you have to do is hook the Xbox 360 to your laptop.

    then, go to your network settings on your computer and somewhere in there you should see Xbox 360. then click on it and add to network. After that you will have to follow the steps to finish.

    If you need more help please email me.

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  2. Hello, i used to have this problem, but now i watch my whole hard drives downloaded content on my x box 360 through my wireless receiver, so I might be able to help you. It is a long answer but is GUARANTEED to work This process is GUARANTEED to work for a vista as i use vista on my PC.However, for you being an XP user i believe theres a very good chance this will work for you aswell as you have got a media center PC like i do myself so read closely and give it a go.here goes my answer.

    .Get your torrents from [url is not allowed] first as they are in the right file format your x box 360 wireless receiver can read, and if theyre not from the above website just download the software utility called ‘any video converter’, it is free, then load it up with your downloaded video and from the ‘profile’ dropdown menu on the right select ‘customized AVI movie’ as the format to convert your video to. When it has finished and has fully converted,Click the ‘output folder’ tab in the bottom left of the screen on the ‘any video converter’ and move the newly converted file into your computers ‘downloads’ folder and delete the original.doing this video format conversion process will ensure your x box 360 can read ANY video file downloaded from ANYWHERE on the internet.I had to explain this first as the format of the movie/tv show file you want to watch on your x box 360 has a lot to do with whether or not your 360 will recognise the downloaded video file.Now, i have got that out of the way i can tell you the trick is to not use windows media center on your x box 360 at all, but to configure your laptop so it can communicate the files with your x box wireless receiver through streaming the data. To do this you must have your windows media extender set up right.so click ‘start’ on your desktop.then in the search box above the start icon type ‘services’ and press ‘enter’. Then above the search box you will see an option which says ‘services’ with a cog type icon next to it.Double click this icon. Now from the services box which appears you must do what is below in the table and scroll down to the following columns, You must change them in the below categories so they must look EXACTLY like this:-

    Name Status Startup Type Log On As

    Windows media Started Automatic Local Service

    extender service

    Windows media Started Automatic Network Service

    center receiver


    Windows Media Started Automatic Network Service

    Center Scheduler


    Windows Media (Blank column) Automatic local Service

    Center Service – (Delayed Start)


    Windows Media Started Automatic Network

    Player Network Service

    Sharing Service

    You must get all these columns EXACTLY like this in ‘services’ for your pc to be compatible with your x box 360, so now you take your downloaded files using 1 of the processes explained above and keep them in the ‘downloads’ file in your computer and ensure the file format is correct as explained in the above process at the top of my explanation. Next turn on your x box and click on the ‘video’ tab on the old style x box dash board (you will be at the screen where it shows your hard drive and the space you have) and press ‘x’ to change the the source of the video and select your computers name from the list of sources (You must have your PC on the internet and connected to your wireless network at all times to stream).from there you should be presented with a list of folders on your PC containing video files compatible with your x box wireless, but that shouldnt be a problem for you as i already told you how to make ALL of your video files compatible. So Click on ‘downloads’ folder after you click on the name of your computer from the video source list where your converted video files are stored and hey presto!!you can see all your movies, and tv shows you downloaded and can watch them at your leisure. To find your converted video files on the new X box 360 dashboard,(which most people use by now), you must go to ‘my x box’ on the dashboard.then press ‘right’ 3 times on the d pad and press ‘A’ to select ‘video library’ , your computer should be the 4th option in the list, (underneath portable devices), select your computer and if you you have configured your computer right as shown in the above table you should be able to press ‘A’ button maybe 3 times and have the option to select ‘downloads’.this is the downloads file on your PC computer being read by your X box 360’s wireless which by now should have your lovely perfectly converted video/movie/tv show files in it (convert files for compatibility as shown above).HEY PRESTO!! Select your file and HAPPY VIEWING! You can no

  3. Im sorry i dont know the answer to your?, but maybe u can with mine. Assuming you have already been on or through xbox media center.When i try mine, i type the 8 digits my x box gives me and Media center cannot find a extender for me.Any idea what i can do, Like i said, im sorry if it seems like im wasting your time, but this is just really pissing me off.

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