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crysis 3 for ps3?


Is crysis 3 a good game? Plz rate it by

1 graphics

2 multiplayer

3 storyline

4 difficulty

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  1. Story:Horrible storyline that does not line up with the other 2 games in the slightest, with so many inconsistencies I could easily believe it was made by throwing darts

    Graphics: It’s made by Crytech, it has some of, if not the best graphics out of any game on the market

    Difficulty: It’s fairly difficult

    Multiplayer: The multiplayer is fun, but can be very hard at first, since there is a leveling system

  2. Ill do a quick review for you.

    Story: It has an okay story line 5/10. It doesn’t quite line up with the previous games, but its still not bad. Gets a little confusing if your coming from crysis 2.

    Multiplayer: Multiplayer is incredibly fun, when someone cloked walks up to you and comes uncloked in front of you, it gives you an immediate boost of adrenaline, and scares the hell out of you. And it has a very good chain of upgrades and boosts. Plus lots of cool weapons. Not quite borderlands 2 though 😉

    Difficulty: Its pretty hard, actually it is VERY hard, but the little boosts like invisibility, high jumps, speed running, and stuff like that it evens out the field. And your range of weapons, including a bow is pretty awesome. And hey when you get swamped, switch to jump boost, and jump out of there.

    Graphics: That is the reason this game is here. Its absolutely amazing graphics. GORGEOUS! This shows off the true power of technology these days. The lense flair, blur, chrisp graphics, all make this game that much better.

    Price: At $20 for this game online, it is a MAJOR steal, get it asap.

    Cons: If you have a console (PS3) its not as good, graphics are dropped to 720p, frames go down to 30fps, and its just not as smooth. But if you have a PC, it can have 1440p, at 100fps, but that is only if you have a beastly graphics card. I have a 780ti and it rocks the game at 4K at 60fps, on a 4K monitor. That trully shows you how amazing this game is.

    overall: Get it!

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