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Desperate Need For Speed Underground 2 HELP!!?


This is a toughie.I hope someone can help. So listen here, I am a fan of the automotive brand “Rev Hard”. I found the decal for them in NFS UG 2 and figured since they have the decal they might have the parts. Rev Hard makes turbo parts for Honda and Acura. Well I bought both of the Honda Civic and Acura RSX with the hopes that I would be able to slap a Rev Hard Turbo on them. But when I bought the turbos and it was at the “choose brand” screen.REV HARD WAS NOT THERE!! Does any body know if Rev Hard is available on any of the cars? I was only lookin at the stage 1 turbos not anything higher, is it possible that the Rev Hard brand is only available wih the higher stage turbos? Yes I know the brand does not make a difference in performance I am just VERY particular and picky. Any help appreciated!! to the first best answer! THANX!!

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  1. Hey to let you know they dont have any Rev Hard Parts in Particular on NFS UG2 I had that game back when I had my Xbox and ima huge fan of the NFS series and Granturismo franchise well im basically car crazy lol but EA tends to add alot of decals like Rev Hard,Extreme Dimensions,Borla and many other aftermarket decals and dont have the parts in the game actually just do it to give you a bigger selection I have NFS Carbon for PS2 and they done the same thing but I mean what can ya do ya know if you have a favorite aftermarket brand just stick it on there but to keep your ride lettin everybody know what its packin I would prefer the decals to the parts in your car

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