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Do I need a Wireless adapter for Xbox live?


I already have wireless internet and the modem isnt far away. Do i need the wireless network adapter if I already have wireless internet?

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  1. if your router is close to you then just hook it up wired because if you have fast internet it will work a ton better wired. plus you will save $100.

  2. I suggest you buy the wireless networking adapter. I say this because it is the easiest method to connect to Xbox LIVE. What you have to do is buy the network adapter (you already have wireless internet), connect the tabs on the adapter to the two slots on the back of your console near the Ethernet port and the audio-visual (AV) port, disconnect any cable that is connected to the Ethernet port, and then connect the USB connector to the USB port next to the adapter and then flip up the antenna.

    That’s it. It’ll pick up the signal from your wireless router and you can begin to play on Xbox LIVE. Happy gaming.

    Hope this helped.

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