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Do i need anything other than a video capture card to capture video from my HDTV and Xbox 360?


Video capture question about recording video directly from my HDTV and Xbox 360 in best possible quality whilst they are connected by a HDMI lead.

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  1. You will need to use s-video if you want the best video. Componenet or HDMI wont work. I imagine you could have the HDMI plugged into the tv but you would still need the standard video plug plugged into the Xbox 360 and then just hook up your capture card to that. I use a Dazzle on mine.

    The way I have mine hooked up is I have my Dazzle and it has the red&white audio, yellow video, and s-video inputs. I then plug in a s-video splitter, and 2 splitters for the red & white audio. I plug the s-video, and red & white from the Xbox 360 into one side of the splitters and then run the same wires from the other side of the splitters to the tv. Then take the USB cable running from the Dazzle into my PC.

    I think they way you would be trying to do it is to have the HDMI go from the Xbox to the tv and then use the Xbox 360 s-video cable to go from the Xbox to the capture device with no splitters. So you would acutally be using two video cables. The only problem with that would be that when you plug in a HDMI cable to the 360 it is near impossible to get the regular video plug in there also. You would have to open the plug on the cable and take the grey casing off. Even then it will be a very tight fit so the HDMI and regular video cable could be plugged in at the same time. I have never tried this so I am unsure if it would work. The best way is to do like I said I have mine hooked up. You will have to suffer while playing and recording to dummy your quality to S-video.

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