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do you have to charge your ps3 controller when you first get it?


Just wondering and also is it charged when you first use it (out of the box). And will anything happen to it if you don’t charge straight away thanks

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  1. Depending how long it’s been on the shelf will determine how much of a charge it has. Brand new, usually has about 20% charge to it. Yes it’s a good idea to fully charge it first off, good news however, you can still use the controller while it’s charging if you have it plugged in via a USB cable. The worst case scenario is the controller battery runs dead while playing if you don’t charge it. There shouldn’t be any long term damage if that’s what your afraid of by using it straight out of the box. Now years and years of charging neglect can cause the battery life to be shortend greatly, but it takes a lot of abuse and use to make that happen.

    To get the longest usage from your controllers battery (and any rechargeable device), always charge the battery to full, run it till its almost completly dead and then charge it to full again, allowing time in between for the battery to cool off. The worst thing you can do to a rechargeable battery is A either leave it plugged in all the time or B leaving it dead for long period of times.

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