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Do you have to pay for Xbox Live on the first Xbox?


I’ve been having an Xbox for ages, and I didn’t even pay attention to Live. But when I just bought DOOM 3 My friend wants me to get Xbox Live so we can play Co-op.

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  1. take a look at [url is not allowed] there is a lot of ways to get them for free legally *Hint* Stay away from the surveys unless you actually enjoy doing them because those will get you what you want but will take lots of time.

    Anyways that site has paid me over $180 so far and it is by far the best place to get free xbox live cards/microsoft points, they will actually email the code to your email account. You can get games actually anything that sell on amazon.com they will send you absolutely free, you don’t have to be 18 either.

    “209686 members earned $531352.14 (live statistics)!”

    I hope that helps, enjoy!

  2. yes you do.but you can find sites that give away free codes.what i do is just google it.just type in something like “free original xbox live codes” thats what i do and you will find some.Good Luck!!

  3. Well first off kurly is lieing. Or maybe he did not know that Xbox Live codes will not work on the Original Xbox at all. You have to pay for Xbox live on the Original Xbox. Since there is no marketplace or anything like that on it the only way to get online with the original system is a Gold membership. The only way to sign up for an account with the Original Xbox now is to use a credit card when you sign up.

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