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Do you need a high definition tv to have a playstation 3? and what is better,ps3 or xbox 360?



  1. you do not need a hd tv to use ether the 369 or ps3 but it does make hell of a lot of differences to the quality to the picture whats best if you are going to be playing blue ray films only the ps3 has a blue ray player but if you are only using it for gaming and dvds are good enough for you save yourself 200 pounds and get the xbox

  2. You don’t need to have an HDTV, but, and this goes for the PS3 especially, you really wouldn’t want to play any of the games on PS3 in standard definition(regular tv), heck, you might as well stick with a PS2.

    Both of those systems(PS3 & Xbox 360) were meant to be played in HD, and to play them on a regualr TV, you’d be giving up a lot.

    As far as which one I like better, I say Xbox 360. The games available for it as much better than anything on the PS3 right now. Hoonsetly, the only thing I’ve used my PS3 for lately is to play Blu-Ray movies.

    Mostly what annoys me about the PS3 is this: SOny makes such a big deal about being able to play in 1080p HD, but then most of the third party games(Madden, etc) don’t support the 1080p resolution.

    They’ve even done side by side comparisons with the same games running on the same model TV, and jsut about everything about the picture on the Xbox 360 looks better.

  3. i don;t think u need a HD ready tv to play the ps3, its just that the ps3 is HD ready meaning better pictures and quality, most technologies today are backwards compatible, but wait for more answers to be shall, the ps3 is way better than xbox 360 in my eyes but if u have already got a ps2 then its better to try someit different like x box360, online play is good.again look around and be 100% shall before buying, games cost alot too.

  4. no, you don’t need an HD tv to play ps3. but because the ps3 or xbox 360 can use HD. it means that your picture quality on the tv would be much better on th HD tv. i know because i have an HD tv for my ps3. also game mode on a tv makes the game look better. it makes the black blacker which richens all the other colors. the ps3 is much better than the xbox 360. the xbox had the whole 3 red circles of death and all.

  5. you can play it on any TV, but it only looks good on HDTV.

    PS3 is a lot better than Xbox 360. Do the math, Xbox 360 came out in late 2005, and ps3 came out in late 2006. PS3 has built-in blu-ray, Xbox 360 doesn’t even have a built-in HD DVD. PS3 has a 0.3% breaking rate, Xbox 360 has 33%!!. And I wouldn’t risk buying something that has a problem that already has a name (Red Ring Of Death). O ya, and did the xbox 360 have a lot of games out when it came out? I don’t think so. and the ps3 should have at least 300 new titles coming in this following year. Welll now I think the choice is obvious.

  6. It depend what you like, XBox you can get very good games and the actual console is cheaper than a PS3, however, on a PS3 the graphics and game play is probably better but it is more expensive. So it is really whether you are a serious gamer or not. You don’t need a HD TV for a PS3 but you need one the displays 60Hz.

  7. No, but I reccommend that you do (at LEAST 1080i). It would just look WAYY better. No, the PS3 is NOT better than the Xbox 360. I think they are identical consoles, except one is Japanese and one is American. Of course, if the HDTV you need DOESN’T have HDMI, then buy Sony’s PS3 Component Cables for Hi-Def gaming and multimedia. Not better than HDMI, but it’s still worth the buy.

  8. you don’t have to have a high def tv to have a ps3 or a 360, I think the 360 is better as far as game play but I love the Blu-Ray Movies for Ps3 and really thats the only reason i have my ps3

  9. No, you do not need an HDTV to have either system as you can still play on a plain old television. But an HDTV brings out everything in a game for both systems, as they were made to be played on HDTV’s.

    As for which system is better, it is a toss up and what you, the gamer, prefers. Each system has it’s exclusive titles, e.g. Halo for X360 and Heavenly Sword for PS3. One system is cheaper than the other while one offers HD movie playback within the system. The other system you have to buy the peripheral to play back HD movies.

    Again, it is up to you to determine which system better meets your needs. Each has it’s own games that make it stand out. Right now, I have an X360 as it was cheaper at the time and had more games that interested me. It also had more games.which I think it still does, not sure on that one though. Right now is just an exciting time to own these systems because of all the high quality games coming out between now and the holidays approaching. Eg. Bioshock, Medal of Honor: Airborne, Halo 3, GTA IV, Eternal Sonota, Blue Dragon, Two Worlds.the list goes on and on.

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