Home Playstation Forum Do you think Xbox One sales will flop against the PS4?

Do you think Xbox One sales will flop against the PS4?



– Xbox One will KILL the second-hand games market for xbox entirely

– Xbox One will require a constant internet connection

– If you don’t log in at least every 24 hours you can’t play your games at all

– You don’t OWN the Xbox One games you buy, just the license to play them

Microsoft have been absolute assholes basically. They’re brown-nosing publishers (this console is for them) and clearly don’t care about consumers at all anymore.

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  1. I think Ps4 has something up their sleeves and I will be interested in what it is. As for xbox I won’t say they will flop but it isn’t looking good for them so far. They might whip something up before they release the xbox1, or there might be a download later on who knows

  2. I personally think ps4 is gonna blow xbox 1 out of the water since they went more for the freedom of tge players while microsoft is making their stuff more for them and making money i mean really who makes you buy there game and you dont actually own it also why should you HAVE to have a constant internet connection. Typical idiotic greedy microsoft

  3. Nothing is written in stone yet and i feel like the reports on all of these negatives about the xbox one are being fluffed up. Cause honestly no one in their right mind would ok those requirements and still think their system would still stand a chance.

  4. absolutely, at least in the short term. It seems Microsoft and Sony have switched places this time around and Microsoft is making all the bone head , stupid decisions while Sony has learned from the mistakes of the last generation and gotten their crap together. I predict MS will have to do some retooling of the xbox one in functionality and design before it will even be remotely competition against ps4.

  5. I’ve always been an xbox fan but this next-gen console clearly isn’t the “one”. xbox was always primarily aimed gamers – who really gives a crap about an all in one TV or “multimedia platform”? It’s a completely redundant idea and they’ve totally alienated their core demographic.

    As for the copyright nonsense – it’s GREED, pure and simple. If you really are paying for “just the licence” then the price points are waaaay too high. Games these days seem to be completable in a single evening, not to mention the likes of EA who rehash the same sh*t every quarter – hype it to hell and then tell you can’t trade it in or even take it back to the shop now when you realise it’s utter rubbish?!

    What happens in another 10 years time when I want to get my console out for a retro gaming session – will XBL still be available – NOPE.

    It’s tragic.

    My only gripe with the playstation is that nostalgia still has them clinging to the same old shape controller. if only one of these 3rd party manufactures created an ergonomic xboxy shaped one I’d be completely and utterly converted.

  6. If people want a game system the ps4 is the only one worth buying of the next gen consoles , that Xbone console is being puched to TV viewers , and it’s not even a new console really since the only things different are it uses the kinect camera for everything and has a built in pvr for game recording , the games are no better , nobody wants to have a console that has to sign in all the time to use it and the way it locks out used games is a joke so why would anyone in their right mind buy the xbone? That said the ps4 might still not outsell the xbox one in hte U.S if it gets bought by non gamers looking for a gimmicky way to change channels by waving their hands but worldwide it should soutsell the xbox by a lot.

    microsoft made their new console for americans who have cable tv and don’t want to pick up a remote control , not for gamers – sony made the ps4 for gamers first and anything else the ps4 does is secondary

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