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Does an XBox save game saves on the hard drive or disc?


I just got Skyrim a few days ago and my sister knocked over my XBox while playing, which gouged a ring in my disc. (Yes, I dislike her now.) I had a lot of gameplay done. Am I going to have to start all over, or did it keep my saves? If it didn’t I’m not getting it again.

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  1. Get a Skip Dr. I had a friend who did this to his game, and he went out and bought a brand new copy. I took his original, scratched copy, put it through the DR. a couple times, and came out like new, no issues.

  2. Hard drive, get a new disk and it should work perfectly fine 😀 Hopefully she didn’t destroy the hard drive too though

  3. Well, the game is saved on your hard-drive. Now that the Xbox Live update is out, you can also saved a game in the cloud meaning that you can save the game on your account. You can only get this storage if you have a Xbox Live Gold account. When you first started playing the game if you didn’t select any option about which hard-drive to save in, you probably saved it in your hard-drive.

    Hope this Helps!

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