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Does it matter how you lay your xbox 360 down?


I’m getting a 360 in a few days, and i’m unsure of the proper way to lay it whether that be horizontally or vertically. My brother swears up and down that if you lay it vertically it burns your discs. It doesnt matter either way to me but i’m not going to go and ruin my games i buy if i can prevent it.

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  1. NOOO it does not. Just get an intercooler. And keep it well ventalated. I keep it a foot of space for the console in every direction.

  2. Yes it definitely does!

    if you lay it vertically it will give your discs “laser burn” it does this to your discs [url is not allowed]!

    and it also increases your chances of getting the red ring of death because it blocks one of the cooling vents.

    use it horizontally because it will keep the air vents free, and do not use it on the carpet unless it is resting on a large book or something because i heard from a friend it could “static out”

    i don’t know if this is true or not but it is better to be on the safe side.

    Hope i Helped 🙂



  3. No, it won’t matter unless you move the console when it is on. As a general rule of thumb, don’t switch console positions when there is a disc in the drive at all, on or off.

    I’ve had my console both ways and never had a single problem with it ruining discs, and I’ve had three separate consoles. (Red ring error, not disc related.)

    The only things to consider are:

    1) Is there enough room around the console to allow good air flow?

    2) If vertical, is your TV stand (or wherever it sits) stable enough? You don’t want that bad-boy rocking.

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