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dvi splitter for computer and ps3?


I don’t have a television because mine broke, but I have a nice computer monitor, so I run my ps3 through my screen using a hdmi to dvi cord. The only problem is that my computer runs off of the dvi port on the screen as well. I could run my computer through the vga port but my 360 goes through that port. Would a dvi splitter work? and if so, how would i be able to switch between ps3 and computer? Or is there a way to run either of my systems directly through the computer thus allowing me to plug everything in?

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  1. I Don’t think a DVI splitter would work. How would the computer know which signal to input at certain times. If you have a HDMI port use that, it would work.

  2. None!

    b’coz i got 24″ benq hd monitor and it has the specs u’r monitor has and i tried everything

    but manual disconnecting and connecting

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