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Final Fantasy XI (Xbox 360) Review


Final Fantasy XI (Xbox 360) Review


  1. i just wanna try it on 360 because i don´t have a "big pc" , but pay monthly kill me….

  2. I don't get Microsoft's decision to shut the server down. It was making a lot of money and very popular, why would you close it out?

  3. If this game didnt had monthly fee i would instanly play it but this way i dont like to play it cause im already paying for ff14. Still nice review and its realy cool to see someone do smooth, smart and nice reviews about older games. Keep doing your work man you are great at it :)

  4. BTW…what are your favorite tracks from XI? I like Airship, Norg, and Sanctuary of Zi'tah. Airship reminds me of Mitsuda's work in Chrono, though I don't think he did any work on XI, or did he?

  5. This game came out way the hell back in 2002 and people still play it to this day?! That's pretty impressive.

  6. Oh cool, you're back!
    Strangely I haven't seen your stuff in my subs, weird. Anyway, I hope you're feeling better man, great review as always.
    Btw, I've been meaning to say, I love how you have that Growl image as your heading. Classic!

  7. Played it on and off (PC) shortly after its release and it infuriated me, the level down mechanic especially. I guess it just wasn't my mmorpg despite being a big jrpg gamer. And then came along WOW and changed everything…

  8. It's interesting to see how dead and barren the starting areas are. This game was at its prime when the starting cities were always hustle and bustle with people running around and having to actually fight over mob spawns in the starting areas for xp. It's bitter sweet to see the console servers close down…I started on PS2 and eventually upgrade to 360. There's nothing like playing this game on my HDTV, but sadly I think the only time I will ever log in again is the final month of the games life on PC when that time comes, just so I can be there for its true final moments up until the servers are taken offline, and yes, I can tell you I will probably shed a few tears on that moment in remembrance of the countless memories I had with my time in Vana'diel spread across thousands of hours and years of my life with the game.

  9. Thank God I was never able to find the 360 version.((don't want to be sucked in again!) Played the PS 2 version until I tapped out at level 50. I totally agree about the music, especially some of the battle songs. Still top-notch!

  10. Awesome review Bracey, hope you are healing well from surgery. Played this one on PC but gave it up after I decided MMORPG's aren't for me. I just prefer gaming on my own time, and got frustrated waiting for others that I planned on playing with.

  11. Hey that was awesome! Think you can do one on the ps2 version? There's not much footage of the ps2 version on youtube so it would be cool to capture and review some before it dies down in 2016.

  12. This reminds me of how sad I was to hear that Everquest Online Adventures went dark a while ago.  I think the console portions of the MMOs going away is a sad reality and I am glad that some MMOs are at least trying to make things work for as long as they can.

  13. I played this on PS2 way back in the day. It was fun at the time I enjoyed til I was forced to quit. Long story. This was already outdated when they released it for the 360, but I digress. Well, I guess my copy is a coaster now…oh well.
    Never understood why they made this and FFXIV part of the main cannon when they could have made it it's own offline series.
    I didn't like how when you play by yourself it makes it difficult to level up and I didn't like when you die enough times, you go down one level.

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