Home Xbox Forum free xbox live dlc by recovering a friends gamertag?

free xbox live dlc by recovering a friends gamertag?


i heard there is a way to get free xbox live dlc by recovering my friends gamertag and redownloading the content

all i want to know is that if i let my friend recover my gamertag and i take it back would i lose the months of xbox live i have left

and would my friend be able to keep the content after i take my gamertag back

thankjs guys


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  3. Doesn’t work that way. DLC has licenses which attach it to the profile and 360 it was bought on for that exact reason. If you were to recover your friend’s account, you could only play the DLC on his account while signed into Live so then he couldn’t play on his account at the same time. Your Live subscription goes with the gamertag. You wouldn’t lose it. The two of you wouldn’t be able to access the DLC once the gamertags are sent back because like I said, the licenses are on the original 360s the DLC was bought on.

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