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GTA 4 performance issue? For PS3 and 360?


This question is for those who have played GTA 4 for the PS3 and please no fanboy comments. I have it for the PS3 and my question is that whenever I play it and drive Nicko around, sometime mostly on the sidewalk, it kind of juggs the framerate down. Also when I use the helicopter to fly around the city, whenever I press the reverse camera angle, I notice definite city building pop out and in. I don’t know if that normal or is it my game disk. Just wanted to know if that only for the ps3 or does it also do that for the 360 also. Please no fanboy comments. I am kind of nit picky on graphics, sorry.

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  1. perhaps the disk is not clean, try to clean it, if it is no good there is a patch for fixing GTA IV PS3 issues, try searching GTA IV PS3 PATCH DOWNLOAD in google or yahoo

  2. GTA 4 has a lot of issues on both consoles. The games uses ALL of the cache, and then tries to use more. This causes freezing, tearing, frame rate drops, and all that other good stuff.

  3. My guess is;

    Its not your game disc, its a general glitchy laggy problem with both machines. 360 has been said to be a lot better and run a tad smoother than the PS3 which does stutter.

    It could be because on the PS3, around 2-4GB of data is stored on the hard drive. Maybe this could be the system accessing it and causing some delay? Who knows.

    Some patches are out and fixed some of the major shizz-nay but expect there to be a few more before everything is running smoothly

  4. i have gta4 for xbox360. graphic wise is no problem.no lagging or freeze.

    the only problem i face is a.i. weirdness in the game.

  5. PS3 user. I have noticed a few ‘anomalies’ while playing. Similar to you, when driving through town, there seems to be a bit of slow down to the frame rate. I have never experienced the building popping in and out, but when I was just messing around one time, I was shooting a car from a distance and it just completely disappeared. Taking into consideration the size of the game, and the amount of detail therein, I can handle the occasional imperfection.

  6. I have seen and played both versions. A friend bought it for the PS3 and I on the Xbox 360.

    We both tested in on my TV on my PS3 and my Xbox 360.

    The framerate stutter is not there on the Xbox 360. I can barrel down any sidewalk without framerate issues on the Xbox 360. But I also notice slight stuttering on the PS3.

    The building pop in when doing rapid helicopter maneuvers is in both versions. Keep in mind, that the game is mostly running off the PS3’s harddisc and the Xbox 360 has to read the stuff completely from DVD. So the pop in should be explainable for the Xbox but not the PS3, where it comes from the harddisc.

    The PS3 version has more noticeable jagged edges due to the lower resolution than the Xbox 360 version.

    Hope this is helpful to you.

    Both versions were tested on a HDTV with both consoles set to 720p High Definition played on a optically connected 5.1 surround sound system.

  7. I have a Xbox 360 and have no problems. But the PS3 also runs at a lower resolution and has lower FPS then the Xbox 360.

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