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GTA IV or Saints Row 2, Which to get.?


I know they’re old but which games do you guys think i should get for ps3?

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  1. Either one is great. but if you like personal customization then saints row 2 is for you. but me, i like gta because its way cooler and the graphics are better. in the end the choice is yours.

  2. I would get gta4 because there are still people playing online the last time i checked (may 23) the game slots get filled. The single player also has a very good story line. ( I just got gta4 on january because i wanted to go back to games that i know i would like and haven’t played yet)

    Or you can just get Red Dead Redemption. if you have enough money buy gta4 and RDR it would cost up to $80 (in ebay is way cheaper)

  3. well I happen to have both and I have to say go with Saints Row 2 IMO it is more fun than GTA IV because there are a lot of things you can do in SR2 like customization if you are a gamer that likes to make your own character this game is for you,there are good sets of weapons like AK-47,rocket launcher and much more you can do some side missions like insurance fraud which basically you have to get horribly injured to collect cash(funny and fun IMO),you can tag,there are a lot of things you can do in SR2 which will make it entertaining for a long while

  4. saints row 2 you have so much to do after the main story is done but once gta 4 is done it’s done, i bought it when it was still 69.99 and haven’t touched it since i beat because there is no replay value for me(8 months ago)

  5. If I were you,I’d get neither and go for a newer/better game,since the gameplay in GTA IV and Saints Row gets old fast,but if I had to choose,I’d go with GTA IV

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