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Has anyone in the US got the new map packs for Call of Duty 4 for PS3 and had them working?


I was reading the forums and it looked like a lot of people payed for them and couldn’t get them to work. Seemed mostly like they were all German or something but if anyone has had any experience after they bought the new map packs, then explain.

No problem thanks for the info

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  1. Yea mine work fine

    Killouse is great for small games.

    Creek is gernerally awesome

    and i like broadcast for tactical games

    chinatown’s a bit meh but its good for free for all

  2. The map packs aren’t out in the US yet. Probably coming in the next hour though.

    Those people probably just tried downloading from the wrong store, which may have caused issues. I’m sure the mas will work fine. Sony has already certified them.

  3. From what I’ve read, the new maps are only available for the 360 right now. It’ll be at least this summer before they’re available for the PS3.

    To bad.

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