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Help – Free Nintendo Wii or $600 NZD PlayStation 3?



I have been looking to purchase a new entertainment system. This includes a new plasma tv and some sort of gaming console. I had in mind the PS3, as iv read it is the best console for all-round entertainment, not just gaming. However, the TV that i had shortlisted comes with a free Nintendo Wii via redemption. Now i am confused. Is it worth me forking out the extra $600 (i live in New Zealand btw), or should i just stick with the nintendo? I dont want to get both, as it would be unneccessary clutter and i would only use one.


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  1. Well Nintendo Wii sucks horribly. I have one that is currently collecting dust in a closet or maybe a box I can’t remember where I put it. PS3 sounds awesome but recently I’ve heard that it has technical problems and is expected to be a highly returned Christmas item this year but that might have been AOL news and they are unreliable. So I’d say it depends how much money you got otherwise If you don’t have an X Box 360 get one cause I know that system is awesome.

  2. It depends on what type of gaming you plan on doing. The Wii has some classic multiplayer games (Super Smash, Mario Kart, etc.) but it lacks HD, which really sucks, and can make certain games look pretty ugly on a HDTV. The PS3 on the other hand has HD, fewer “classic multiplayer games” (IMO), but is much more powerful and really shines on a HDTV.

    If you could afford it, I’d go with the PS3

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