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Help! I have guitar hero 3 for ps2, but i want it for xbox 360. What should i do with my ps2 version?


I recently bought guitar hero 3 for ps2. Now I’m about to buy an xbox 360, and I want guitar hero 3 for the 360. I have the orginal box for guitar hero, but i dont have the plastic that wrapped around the contents, which means i don’t think i can return it (it was bought from walmart). What is the most profitable way of selling this? I want to get gh3 for the 360 so i can play with my friends on xbox live

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  1. Even if you don’t have the plastic wrapping, if it hasn’t been more than ninety days since you bought it then you can still take it back for in store credit, not for cash though. If you have the receipt then you return it for cash. Just make sure you have everything that came with it when you bought it.

  2. ya i would ebay it.

    You could get sneaky with it (but i’m not sure if this is legal, but since you didnt “Rip” the disk like you would a DVD it may not be a problem. but look into it first before you do it as i dont want to get you in trouble

    Go into walmart with the ps2 version and tell them it doesn’t work (this wont work if you’ve had it for a while and would help if you had the reciept but you could say it was a christmas gift) anyways, tell them you want the same one (as they wont exchange opened softwear for something different – same as dvds’ and cd’s) if they agree on the exchange you will get a new copy of the ps2 game (as the will only exchange for the SAME one)

    Ok so right now your thinking I DONT WANT THE SAME ONE, but here’s the thing, when you get the new one, it WILL have the Wrapping on it, so then you take the NEW One into another walmart and say “My mom bought this for me for christmas but its for the wrong system, it was supposed to be for the xbox” and they should exchange it for you.

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