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HELP! IPAD 2 OR PS3?!?!?!?


I like the advantages of the ps3 because of the capabilities. An ipad 2 sounds nice for portability. Please give me details and pros and cons on both. Batman Markham city and Need for speed the run for ps3. I don’t know help!

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  1. You really should just wait for the NEW AMAZON TABLET, coming out in about a month. IT WILL BE AMAZING!

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  2. U should gt the iPad because u can get all the games u can get on the ps3 for cheaper and it’s more portable and the iPad is faster the iPad has alot more advantages hope I helped

  3. I bought PS3 slim consoles originally to play exclusively movies. I have recently acquired a few games and love the graphics (even though xbox is superior in this area) of the games. The quietness of the machine and the slim design are great too. The only thing I am unimpressed about is the slow startup process.


  4. For gaming PS3 is way way way better for many obvious reasons:

    Better graphics,Better games,Better community,Better Online,Better controls.seriously gaming with touch screens?lol

    The PS3 controller has something called BUTTONS, Idk why gaming companies are focusing on motion and touch controls nowadays, let’s just hope regular controllers die and get replaced by motion/touch controllers in the next generations

    if you need a portable computer and you want more software and better browser the iPad if for you, if you want games and more realistic graphics and better online/multiplayer modes the PS3 is for you

  5. Ps3 a million times over. iPads are good. But SO overpriced! Plus ps3 is better and let’s be honest here. iPad is just gonna bring out a brand new model in a couple of months and then your version will be old news!:).

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